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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. >> will want be happy with that at all because that will put us in that same territory where it's an opt in even though it's legally not an opt in and hard enough to get customers in at the beginning if we're making that aggressive and how they respond. we want to do good study work and learn about them and need them excited about it but we need the incumbency factor and this is where you're in and do they want to stay in and for the next six months they can think if it's good for them or not and rather to be in the proactive phase an a opt in and
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be careful of that territory. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none i will add my points. up to this point we have been trying to figure out what official san francisco wants us to do, and there have been a of people involved in that. it's been the commission. it's been lav co. it's been the mayor. during implementation it's use and we need to be engaged in implementation in a way that we haven't been engaged in the design of the program more exclusively and this is really a change in direction. needs to be a change to our approach to the issue that we need to be asking the tough questions. we need to make sure there is a plan that works and again meet the expectations that are out there realistically so i take it as a lesson rather than
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a scoring opportunity. on an amendment we have a motion and i second. we had heard discussion. all those in favor? >> aye. >> on the amended resolution could i have a motion? >> move. >> and second. >> and second. any discussion? >> just one comment. you have to realize i sit in the finance chair. i think of things financially. that's all i have to say. >> thank you and we're glad you do. we have a motion. we have a second. we have no public comment. all those in favor? >> aye. >> the motion carries and that was 8c. and this is going to
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be a quick meeting. madam secretary could you call item nine. >> item nine and possible action to adopt san francisco utilities rule of order. >> commissioners my intention is take this to the next meeting and i think it's appropriate that we have a full commission. mr. pill cow asked for the opportunity to speak and while it's calendared if you have a comment we would love to hear it. >> thank you and i guess i am granted privilege to the floor with rule 18. >> and subject to the chair's discretion. >> that's right. thank you. just a quick comments on rules that you did not propose amendments to, rules 20 and 22 on the minutes and tapes of closed segs. you might want to consider to amend those not to
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refer to tapes but to audio recordings. i believe the sunshine ordinance talks about audio record tionz and many bodys are recording digital recordings and not on tape and so don't have to be physical tapes so that might be something to look forward to amend the rules and not relate to specific tapes. i want to note and there are just a few of us that care about this and rules rate ten and as i recall this actually flows from the 1932 charter about rate setting where this commission has a two step process of fixing a hearing date in the future for setting rates, and then holding that public hearing and setting rates. the mta board for example does not
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have that two step process, and i think that's actually good in that you give -- fix a time first and distribute notices, and then told the hearing, so it maybe a bit archaic and a bit, you know, of extra work involved, but i think it's a useful process, and i just wanted to mention that, and hope that's retained. that is actually what you're proposing as part of the amendment to rule ten but i wanted to provide a little -- >> that is for support of the proposal. >> it is am i am supportive of these changes. i think they're pretty routine. >> and you raise a good point on the electronic media. if we can just review that and make sure about that. we have changed the ways we do the minutes. i don't know if the rules need to reflect that but they're
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referencing the available video tape of the proceedings so if there is anything we need to say about that we should say it, so if we can take advantage of the next two weeks to cover that basis. >> and the commission retains discretion in the level of detail in the minutes as long as they comply with the charter and the sunshine ordinance as to those required pieces of content. if there is anything further? sorry. >> i would like to say i was not on the commission in 1930. >> the record will so reflect. does the commission have any other comments on the rules of order? okay. then without objection we will continue this item until our next meeting. >> item ten approve revisions to the cost for project being
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delivered as part of the water system improvement program for additional cost of $13.4 million direct staff to get approval from the board of supervisors for the release of funds from the reserve. >> okay commissioners. we have the information in front of us. any questions for staff. >>i would like to move the item. >> second. >> moved and second. is there any public comment? seeing none all those in favor? >> aye. >> the motion carries. item 11 please. >> item 11 authorize the general manager to have a memo of understanding and not two exceed $250,000 and the dur duration of 18 months. >> so moved. >> second. >> and seconded. is there any public comment? seeing none all those in favor?
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>> aye. >> the motion carries. >> item 12 discussion and possible action in accordance with the public utilities commission to nominate and elect officers. >> commissioners my intent is to continue this to the next meeting when we have a full commission. that requires that we suspend -- we need a motion to suspend the rules of order. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded. is there any public discussion? seeing none all those in favor? >> aye. >> the motion carries, and that will be continued to the next meeting and i would ask that it be put on the front of the agenda of the next meeting. okay. item 13. is there any additional new business for the
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commission? seeing none this meeting is adjourned.
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i'm derek, i'm hyungry, and ready to eat. these vendors offer a variety
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of the streets near you. these mobile restaurants are serving up original, creative and unusual combinations. you can grab something simple like a grilled cheese sandwich or something unique like curry. we areher here in the average eight -- upper haight. you will be competing in the quick buy food challenge. an appetizer and if you are the winner you will get the title of the quitck bite "chompion." i am here with matt cohen,
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from off the grid. >> we assembled trucks and put them into a really unique heurban settings. >> what inspired you to start off the grid? >> i was helping people lodge mobile food trucks. the work asking for what can we get -- part together? we started our first location and then from there we expanded locations. >> why do think food trucks have grown? >> i have gotten popular because the high cost of starting a brick and mortar or strong, the rise of social media, trucks can be easily located, and food trucks to offer a unique outdoor experience that is not easily replaced by any of their setting any worlwhere else in san franc.
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san francisco eaters are interested in cuisine. there adventuress. the fact theyuse grea use great ingredients and make gourmet food makes unpopular. >> i have been dying to have these. >> i have had that roach coach experience. it is great they're making food they can trust. >> have you decided? >> we are in the thick of the competition? >> my game was thrown off
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because they pulled out of my first appetizer choice. >> how we going to crush clear? >> it will be easy. probably everyone has tried, something bacon tell us delicious. >> -- people tell us is delicious. >> hopefully you think the same thing. >> hopefully i am going to win. we're in the financial district. there is a food truck right there. every day changes. it is easy and fun to go down. these are going to be really good. >> how are you going to dominate? >> i think he does not know what he is doing. >> i was thinking of doing [unintelligible] we are underrepresented. >> i was singing of starting an
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irish pub. that was my idea. >> one our biggest is the corned beef and cabbage. we are asking people what they're thinking in getting some feedback. >> for a lot of people i am sure this combination looks very wrong. it might not sound right on paper but when you taste it to or have it in your mouth, it is a variety. this is one of the best ways in creating community. people gather around and talk about it and get to know different cultures. that brings people together and i hope more off the grid style and people can mingle and interact and remove all our differences and work on our similarities. this creates opportunity. >> the time has come and i am
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very hungry. what have you got? >> i got this from on the go, a sandwich, and a caramel cupcake. i went with home cooking. what de think? >> i will have another bite. >> sounds good. >> that was fantastic. let's start with you. >> i had the fried mac and cheese, and twinkies. i wanted to get something kind of classic with a twist on it. >> it was crispy. >> i will admit.
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>> want to try fieried mac and cheese? >> was that the best twinkie? >> would you say you had the winning male? >> definitely. >> no. >> you are the "chompion." clair has won. you are the first "chompion." >> they know it iwas me because i got a free meal. and check a map on -- check them out on facebook. take a peek at the stuff we have
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cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have
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